December 19, 2013

GOATCRAFT's sophomore album "The Blasphemer" is now scheduled for a February 2014 release. It will come as a jewelcase CD, with a 32-page booklet assembled by our art director Francesco Gemelli and binary options winning tricks filled with art, track-by-track commentaries, and liner notes.

"Written and recorded from July to November 2013 under the influence of William Blake's paintings and theological observations, the album represents my quest to reconcile the mystical side of GOATCRAFT with its nihilistic side," sole-member Lonegoat explains.

Listen to a new preview track themed around one of Blake's most famous watercolours from "The Great Red Dragon" series:

November 8, 2013

Lonegoat is proud to unveil the new official Goatcraft logo.

Many thanks to Francesco Gemelli for designing a most suiting banner.

Visit Francesco's portfolio here, and his Facebook page here.

September 5, 2013 via I, Voidhanger Records:

"As you can read on the excellent page, during a recent live radio appearance Lonegoat - sole member of necroclassical/dark ambient rising star GOATCRAFT - has announced the release of "The Blasphemer", a conceptual work that I, Voidhanger Records will have the pleasure to release early next year. 

GOATCRAFT's sophomore album will be themed around the work of William Blake, the famous English theologian, painter and poet.
More than a simple tribute to the great master of Pre-Romantic and Romantic movements, "The Blasphemer" wants to be a musical probe to reveal and explore the mystical, occult undercurrents in Blake's paintings. "A bridge between esoteric Art and Music," as Lonegoat himself has explained.
Check for a GOATCRAFT mindblowing live performance and to listen to a preview track off "The Blasphemer": "The House Of Death", inspired by the William Blake's eponymous painting."


Goatcraft began as a vision of frustration. Occult music had died a crass death, imitated into candy piece fragments of its original vision. Death metal had been absorbed by the insatiable obese monster that is rock music and had lost its spirit of tempestuous power, replaced instead by lite jazz and creeling self-pitying children. Even the rising dark ambient and neoclassical scenes seemed afloat on a river of fast food grease, sweltering in their own indirection.

With this massive failure pressing on his nerves like a forgotten shell fragment from a war long lost, Lonegoat decided in 2010 to overcome doubts and re-double the attack. The result emerged slowly, like a fern uncurling in morning dew, but the concept quickly strengthened itself as Goatcraft played a number of gigs opening for underground metal bands across Texas. What was at first a keyboard attack to rival the sonic intensity of death metal quickly became layers of neoclassical piano centering on dark concepts, and later with the addition of soundtrack-like dark ambient lush atmosphere, an entirely new type of music.

During the hazy years of 2011 and 2012, Lonegoat refined his concept through many hours in isolation overlooking the dark and churning waters of Texas rivers. Goatcraft played a number of shows during this time and as the concept solidified, more people showed up early to hear Goatcraft. Now in a new year, marked with the occult number 13, Goatcraft rises in its most powerful form yet to indoctrinate the masses in the new style of music Lonegoat has created. The debut Goatcraft album All For Naught via Forbidden Records will open the gates to the abyss.